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The Crane Dance

The Crane Dance

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Concept Design | Schematic Design | Design Development | Construction Administration | Installation | Production

The award-winning free show attraction has given an iconic identity to Resorts World Sentosa. Highlighted in advertisements and internet media, the Crane Dance attracts large crowds to their destination every evening.

Billed as the largest animatronic robots in the world, the Dancing Cranes rise from a man-made island in the channel between Universal Studios and the mainland.

During the day, while the cranes are at rest, the island becomes a sparkling kinetic sculpture activated by sunlight and wind. At night, the cranes thrill audiences as they rise to a height of 90 feet. They dance, fall in love, and transform from mechanical cranes with 40-foot wings of water into ‘real’ digital cranes that bless the guests with love, long-life, and good fortune.

The Crane Dance won the 2011 Themed Entertainment Award for Best Attraction.